SDL Workshops

Be Your Own Chief Learning Officer

Purpose of Workshops: Development of self-directed learning skills.

Employee Version *

Focus: Enable employees to create and implement a learning project.

Primary audience: Employees


  1. Identifying what to learn
  2. Establishing learning objectives
  3. What’s your learning style
  4. Resources for learning
  5. Scoping your learning effort
  6. Documenting what you’ve learned
  7. Writing a learning project plan

Time: One-half day

* Participants complete a Learning Preference Assessment ( to determine the proficiency of their self-directed learning skills.

Manager Version

Focus: Enable managers to reinforce employee SDL skills and act as coaches in assisting employees in creating and implementing individual learning projects.

Primary audience: Employee’s manager and human resources/training department staff

Topics: Employee workshop plus:

  • Focusing the learning project plan
  • Providing feedback
  • Approving learning resources
  • Approving the learning project plan

Time: One day

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