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To learn more about self-directed learning there are a variety of resources, both on and off-line. The links listed below are intended to be representative of available SDL resources. Several of these links have additional links and references.

The following terms have been used when searching for information about self-directed learning: self-regulated learning, learning contract, self-education, and directed learning.


There are several websites that address self-directed learning in some way. While somewhat different in their focus, you may find some overlap particularly in terms of their links, resources or references. Below are a few sites which you may find helpful.

This website focuses on self-directed learning in school settings as well as how adults can become self-directed learners in their personal lives.

This website was specifically created to serve as a SDL resource.

A website created by Roger Hiemstra, one of the leading adult education and SDL thinkers, is replete with links to SDL resources.

Discussion Groups

This discussion group provides members of Linked-In an opportunity to share their personal views and experiences with self-directed learning.


Numerous books are referenced on the websites listed on this page. However, one recent title is:

Emerging Directions in Self-Directed Learning, M. Gail Derrick and Michael K. Ponton, eds., Discovery Association Publishing House, Chicago; 2009 (available at

SDL Readiness Assessment

This website provides access to a validated assessment for determining the extent to which a person is ready to manage their own learning (i.e., the extent to which they are already a self-directed learner.) While focusing on self-directed learning skills, it also provides an individual a sense of their own general learning preferences.

Learning Style Assessment

The one below is sponsored by North Carolina State University. (If you cannot access the website directly, try goggling Index of Learning Styles to access the site.)

Another popular website is:

In addition to providing a general assessment of a person’s own overall learning style, both websites provide ample explanation of what learning styles are and how they are to be interpreted.

Professional Association

The International Society for Self-Directed Learning (ISSDL) sponsors the annual International Self-Directed Learning Symposium held in Coco Beach. The symposium tends to be oriented toward research about SDL in higher and continuing education but is open to all individuals interested in furthering the field of self-directed learning. The website is

On-line Journals

There appears to be only one on-line journal, International Journal of Self-Directed Learning, dedicated to the topic of self-directed learning. This journal, published by ISSDL, can be accessed at

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