SDL Applications

Application to Business

Appropriate for:

• Any business where continued learning and development is valued.
• Businesses of any size.
• Businesses in any industry.

Application to Types of Training

SDL is most effective for the learning the following:

• Career development programs
• Management/leadership learning
• Refinement of skills/knowledge of cutting edge expertise


For the Employee SDL:

1. Is compatible with any and all learning styles and strategies.
2. Is compatible with any and all instructional methodologies.
3. Is not dependent upon scheduled corporate training.
4. Focuses on only what the employee doesn’t know. Employee doesn’t need to sit through a three-day training program for only three hours of learning.

For the Organization SDL:

1. Can help identify an organization’s “A” players.
2. Minimizes the issue of transfer of learning.
3. Stimulates employee engagement.
4. Is compatible with all current training programs.
5. Can be implemented with minimal expense.
6. Is more cost-effective than traditional training.

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